Have been brewing sake for 146 years

Spread Sake culture

We, the creators, have a responsibility to convey the correct Japanese sake information to the world.
We have participated in many tasting sessions and events so that more people can know the world of sake.
In addition, we hold a brewery opening event for more than 10 years, twice a year in spring and autumn.

More than 145 years of history

Our company, which was founded in 1872, was built during the end of Edo period.
Among the sake breweries from generation to generation, the power of stored yeasts still greatly affects brewed sake.
The buildings on the site are designated as a national registered tangible cultural property, and many people visit for these sake breweries and sightseeing every year.

Certain qualities and technical skills

We will continue the challenge of innovative sake brewing tailored to the times, and based on solid technology.
Under the teaching of Mr. Tsugueda (Sake making history 60 years) for 12 years, who introduced the oldest professional (Tokuma Bunko Books), and as a result, the brewery got 13 consecutive wins by Mr. Nanbu Toji Award for Honors Award, Nationwide Shinshukan. There are many other achievements, such as winning the gold award for three consecutive years at the conference.

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今年で明治44年から数えて第101回目となる、南部杜氏自醸清酒鑑評会にて、当蔵の「若盛 門外不出」が吟醸酒の部 […]


  毎年恒例の、令和元年酒造年度(R1BY)「全国新酒鑑評会」の結果が先日発表されました。 →こちら […]


新型コロナウイルス感染症の発生に伴う高濃度エタノール製品の使用について、酒蔵向けに厚生労働省および国税庁から正 […]


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Memorable flavors

Our sake is “Rich taste Sake”. It has become a “concentrated” type by taste of rice. This is the secret of  “koji-buai”(percentage of koji rice to total).

A taste you will not forget once you drink it.

Nishibori’s sake is based on the concept of “a taste that you will not forget once you drink it” and it is characterized by a solid taste.
For example, because of the “koji-buai” higher than the standards, it is built with high concentration and fine quality.
“Mongai Fushutsu” is a representative brand of Nishibori Brewery.
Consumption of 90% or more is completed in Tochigi, and there is almost no distribution outside of the prefecture.

Tochigi local sake

Nishibori brewery has long been making sake locally in Tochigi.
We avoid sacrificing quality by mass production, and try to make sake directly for people in front of us.
Only with the support of our customers for several generations, we are able to brew sake again this year.

Local sake of Tochigi rooted in the area

Since our establishment in 1895, we have kept the same hand-made heart carefully.
Sake-making is carefully done using natural underflowing water and the best sake brewing rice that comes from Nikko Renzan.
Even in the 21st century, sake has been made in sake breweries since its inception.
Sake is brewed with the power of the original stored yeast.
We aim to convey sake culture to future generations while having a building with a designated country registered tangible cultural property.