Brewery History

Sake Brewery has more than 150 years of history

Our sake keeps up with the times…

Nishibori Sake Brewery is located at Oyama City in Tochigi Prefecture, and was founded in 1872.
Genjiro Nishibori, founder of the brewery, was fascinated by the clear natural water from the Nikko mountain range and the rich rice fields so he started to make Japanese Sake.

There are four historical buildings such as “Nagaya-mon(Nagaya gate)”,”Shikomigura(Mashing room)”,”Binzumeba(Bottling factory)” and “Entotsu(chimney)” which are registered as National Tangible Cultural Property.

The oldest historical building is still utilized for making sake.
The power of “House yeast” which exists in breams or pillars in the mashing room creates a unique taste.
The buildings as well as the atmosphere are one of the important elements for making Japanese Sake.

As for fermentation, a widely opened tank is used to absorb invisible microorganism from the air.
Our company plans to keep making our sake with the wisdom of our ancestors along with the proven history that we cherish.