Mongai Fushutsu(門外不出)

“Mongai Fushutsu” is our representative brand, which means the product was never allowed to be taken outside of the local place.
So more than 90% of the Sake of this bland is consumed in our prefecture.
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Made from 100% sake rice of the same variety.
Used 25% of a higher Koji-rice ratio than the Japanese sake industry average,18% which gives a rich taste of rice.
Brewing a small amount of production and non-filtering so each product has a very unique taste.


This is our most oldest and popular brand named with the hope that it will keep you young and full of life.
It has been loved for a long time as a local sake, and has a traditional quality.

I MY ME(愛米魅)

"I MY ME Kin no Junmai-shu" is brewed 100% with Ancient Rice (Red rice and green rice which has been harvested in Japan for more than 1000 years).
We've been challenging this the most difficult brewing process for 13 years to commercialize with crowdfunding.
This innovative product that created the new field called "ANCIENT RICE WINE"
Liqueur type is based on our sake, "I MY ME Kin no Junmai-shu"

Nishibori Pensées(西堀 パンセ)

This is an innovative brand that changes the way of making sake.
Sake making process is normally deciding the category first (like Junmai or Daiginjo or Junmai Ginjo etc.)
But this brand is making concepts first.
The first step is to interpret each philosophical concept and set the flavor profile, then to define the specifications and brewing methods to achieve the desired taste.
Making sake is like a philosophy, is a "never-ending" and "constant quest" that is forever being explored.


Making shochu uses the high quality of our sake.
“Kasutori Shochu” is made by carefully extracting the sake lees (ginjo-kasu).
It is produced by a very traditional, time-consuming method.
It has a mild taste is close to sake.

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Private Brand

We are also developing original brands.


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